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Why does Kakashi cover his face?

Why Does Kakashi Cover His Face?

Why Does Kakashi Cover His Face?

Not merely for the purpose of creating mystery and curiosity for fans. The fact that the author Kishimoto Masashi always hides the true face of the character Kakashi behind the mask also contains many other interesting meanings. For 17 years, why did Kakashi cover his real face?

Kakashi – A person with a quaint, kind personality, knowledgeable in many types of overbearing ninjutsu, this silver-haired teacher also possesses an extremely mysterious appearance with a face mask all year round. This quickly helped make Kakashi’s real face one of the biggest mysteries of the Anime world since its broadcast.

why does kakashi hide his face
Why does Kakashi hide his face?

The mask begins with Kakashi’s traumatic childhood.

Kakashi is the son of Hatake Sakumo, he is one of the legendary ninja of Konoha, once compared to the legendary Sannin trio, nicknamed “Konoha’s White Fang”. According to his father’s account, Kakashi learned that his mother passed away early due to illness. Under the upbringing of his father, Kakashi soon showed his genius qualities from a very young age, the most obvious proof is that Kakashi graduated from the ninja training school at the age of 5 and became a middle-class ninja. Chunin) at the age of 6.

The biggest incident that happened to Kakashi stemmed from his father being accused of abandoning his mission to save one of his teammates.
Desperate at the accusations, Kakashi’s father decided to commit suicide. The death of his father had a great impact on Kakashi’s psyche, he began to strictly follow the ninja’s rules and always believed that completing the mission was the most important thing.
Also after this event, Kakashi began using the mask with the idea of ​​reminding himself to let go of his feelings and emotions to avoid making the same mistakes as his father. That’s why does Kakashi wear a mask.

Some pictures of Kakashi and his father

Kakashi and his father

Kakashi and his father

Kakashi and his father

Kakashi and his father

Kakashi and his father

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