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Interesting Facts About Hatake Kakashi

Interesting Facts About Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi is a popular character in the Naruto series. There are many times when he is still at the top of the list of fan-favorite shinobi, let’s explore interesting facts surrounding this character:

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Hatake Kakashi

01. Kakashi has been given eyes by two people, the first is Obito and the second is Naruto.

02. Kakashi was the first one who was able to beat the bleeding Kaguya.

03. Seeing the number 106 in the code that Jiraiya sent back, Kakashi immediately thought of Tsunade’s round 1.

04. In the manga, the author let Naruto go from Genin to Hokage, and in the Anime, Kakashi promoted Naruto to Jonin and then became Hokage.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Hatake Kakashi
Interesting Facts About Hatake Kakashi

05. Kakashi can copy more than a thousand techniques, creating Chidori and the Thousand Years of Death.

06. Kakashi possesses all five chakra attributes like the Third Hokage.

07. Kakashi is the first non-Uchiha to be able to use the full-body Susanoo and also the first to gain the six-way ability, although not of divine origin.

08. Kakashi was saved by Obito twice, first when he saved Rin in the cave and second during his battle with Kaguya.

09. Kakashi’s first kiss was Hanare.

10. In the manga, the author did not reveal Kakashi’s face that only Anime has.

11. Kakashi’s favorite foods are grilled mackerel with salt and miso soup cooked with eggplant, his dislikes are tempura and sweets.

12. Kakashi once gave Sakura the wrong book on flirting.

13. Hatake Kakashi means “The Scarecrow in the Field“.

14. Kakashi and Jiraiya once told each other that Naruto’s Sexy No Jutsu would one day save the world.

15. Kakashi likes to read Paradise of the Rising Sun and when he goes to the store and sees a new volume, he throws all the food in.

16. Kakashi info: Kakashi was born on September 15, blood type O, 1.81 m tall and weighs 67.5 kg.

17. In the side story “Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden”, the reason why Kakashi always wears a mask is to cover the bloody nose bleed every time he reads the book Icha Icha.

18. During his career as a Ninja, Hatake Kakashi also has an admirable track record. He completed a total of 1,141 quests, which included: 197 D-class quests, 190 C-class quests, 414 B-class quests, 298 A-class quests, and 42 S-rank quests.

19. Kakashi once opened an Eight Gates while climbing a mountain.

20. Sasuke told Naruto that if he died one day, he would give Kakashi a Rinnegan eye.

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