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Minato primarily applies the jutsu to his custom kunai before battle so that when the battle begins, he will launch them across the battlefield, giving the owner the opportunity to teleport to any place at any time.

With this tactic, Minato helped Konoha to win over the Ikon army in the 3rd Great Ninja World War, even though they were initially outnumbered. He asked the ninjas to help him launch a lot of Minato’s Kunai at random to the front lines of the enemy, and he used the technique to appear in the enemy lines that had just been hit by the kunai and take them down one by one. His extraordinary speed gave the impression that he was in many positions at once and wiped out an entire army before they could react.

That said, having Minato Kunai in hand is already “owning” the power of the Fourth Hokage with the super excellent “Flying Thunder God Technique”.

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