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Discover our collection of Akatsuki Rings from the popular Anime

Very popular with the large public and particularly with the fans of manga, Akatsuki is a favorite villain organization in Clan the Naruto Shippuden and Boruto is more and more well represented nowadays in the daily life of these fanatics by various replicas. From Akatsuki designs, to Akatsuki Rings, the main purpose of creating these objects is to bring fans closer to the characters of the manga, especially to their favorite manga.
There is nothing better than to feel close to your favorite manga character. The earrings are one of the best creations to achieve these goals. So in this article, discover the Akatsuki rings in their different aspects.

What are Naruto Akatsuki rings about ?

Akatsuki rings Naruto are one of Akatsuki’s signature features. Besides the ring, they also have their own uniform, which is a black robe with a red cloud pattern. Organization members also wear nail polish and have their own signature headbands. However, the rings are still the first image when thinking of Akatsuki
Each member owns a ring with different characters and colors. They also wear rings in different finger positions. According to developments in Naruto, the position of wearing the ring represents the position of its owner on the hand of the Outer Path when this monster is summoned.

Who is meant to wear Akatsuki rings ?

Each member of the Akatsuki clan wears their own ring and headband. The akatsuki members include:

Pain (Nagato) , Uchiha Itachi , Madara, Konan, Uchiha Obito / Tobi, Kakuzu, Sasori , Orochimaru, Kisame Hoshigaki, Hidan, Deidara, Zetsu Black, Zetsu White

Where to buy Akatsuki rings ?

Akatsuki members rings can be ordered from anywhere on the globe, this means that wherever you are located you can connect with us, grab your favorite Akatsuki rings on our online store and receive them in under 2 weeks with free shipping at your disposal. This customer service is only available on the official Naruto Universe store, we guarantee 24/7 customer help by mail, fast delivery and refund in case of a proven product defect.

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