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5 Best Selling Ghibli Anime Product Categories In 2022

The best Ghibli animation not only gives viewers a colorful world scene, but also cleverly puts in meaningful life messages, nurturing honesty from deep within the soul for children and adults alike. Adults. Ghibli works at Anime Studio Ghibli are always carefully polished before being released to the market. Not inferior to Naruto in terms of the number of fans, although it has been released since quite a while, With a large fan base not only in Japan but also around the world, collectible products inspired by characters in Ghibli’s anime is also extremely diverse.
Later, Naruto Universe Store will join with you to list some groups of products designed inspired by the most popular and sought-after Ghibli anime characters in 2022.

1. Studio Ghibli T Shirt & Hoodie

studio ghibli universe shirt

Fashion products are always a daily necessity, even if you are not a fan of anything you still have to wear clothes, great if you are a fan of a Ghibli anime and wear it. wearing unique designed shirts inspired by Ghibli characters such as Totoro, Kiki, No Face, Princess Mononoke.. Instead of wearing monotonous t-shirts, hoodies, a shirt with designs Your favorite design will tell the world if you’re a fan of My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle.
Check out the Studio Ghibli Clothing samples at the Prestige Store and have a wide range of products >> Studio Ghibli T Shirt

2. Totoro Plush

totoro plush
totoro plush

The talented director of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, said that creating the character Totoro is one of his most successful characters, and it is also the shadow that he can hardly overcome because of it. So excellent, the Totoro character has been loved by fans around the world since the first day My Neighbor Totoro was released. Keyword Totoro is searched millions of times every year on Google. It is not difficult to understand when the Totoro character is satisfied by the fans’ passion and collection of related items, because the cute Totoro Plush is a great collectible. Totoro Plush cute versions from small to big are searched around the world.
See details of Totoro Plush models at >> Totoro Plush

3. Howl’s Moving Castle Jelwery

Hows moving castle ring
Howls moving castle ring | Details

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of Ghibli’s most meaningful anime, there are many details that even if you are a Ghibli lover, you have to watch it many times to figure it out, many people think it is a bad Ghibli anime when they first watched it, however when they watched it for the 2nd and 3rd time and pondered many meanings in Howl’s Moving Castle they considered it to be Ghibli’s best anime.
It’s great that you can fully understand Howl’s Moving Castle because it is by far the most popular anime in anime, and of course it is impossible not to know about the extremely handsome Howl’s magician character and the young girl being bullied. Curse of Sophie’s age. Howl’s magician is so popular that the jewelry on howls, but rings, earrings, necklaces are also collected for the purpose of jewelry, cosplay..


Howl’s ring given to Sophie has many meanings that only Fans can understand. Collected at >> Howl’s Moving Castle Earrings
The very beautiful earrings that adorn the beauty of Howl’s are collected Studio Ghibli Store

4. Studio Ghibli Posters

studio ghibli posters
studio ghibli posters

But posters are indispensable for fans of any field, and Ghibli is no exception. whether with Naruto or Demonslayer or with Ghibli, wall posters are incredibly easy to buy and decorate in a Ghibli fan’s home.
The posters are searched and collected the most.
Princess Mononoke Poster, Howl’s Moving Castle Posters, Totoro Poster ..
See more details at >> Studio Ghibli Posters

5. Studio Ghibli Backpack

totoro bag
totoro bag

Backpacks are common products that everyone uses almost every day, it can be a school backpack, picnic backpack, going out…
Tell the world about your passion with a backpack, or crossbody bag printed in the style of your favorite Ghibli anime character.
Collect at. Studio Ghibli Merch Store

Hopefully our compilation will help you have a more general picture of the items that anime lovers around the world are collecting. If it helps with your selection, we’ll be more than happy.

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